FLC GOLF COURSE join hands to prevent Coronavirus

On 31/1, WHO announced global critical outbreak of the Corona virus. With the complicated situation of the disease, in order to secure the safety of golfers who choose FLC Golf course as a place to enhance their health and to join the virus prevention campaign, all of FLC Golf courses are implementing prevention methods for the nCoV.

All Golf Courses’ staffs have been trained with Coronavirus prevention methods. Sanitizers, gauze masks at check-in section, starter, restaurant is now available for golfers. Golf staffs are health monitored daily and wear masks while working. Focus on taking care and help golfers to sanitize their hands while checking in and after their course time as well as wearing their masks correctly on the course to prevent the virus.

At the moment, FLC golf course system will always be prepared to help golfers to stay safe from the Coronavirus and help you to have a secured environment when you choose us as a place to improve your immunity – which is one of the effective ways to prevent the virus. Futhermore, please also be aware for your own safety and your family by avoiding crowded festivals, always remember to put on gauze masks when you are outside, sanitize regularly and have a balanced diet for you own health.

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