Founded in 2016, FLC Biscom Cruise – Golf Course Investment Limited Company’s mission is to professionally manage, operate and develop FLC Golf Course & FLC Yacht Club.

FLC Golf Courses, extended along the coasts of Vietnam from North to South, impress golfers with unique designs and 5 stars facilities, FLC Biscom wish to bring about the best value for customers and partners, thus build up trust and commitment for a long lasting development. FLC Golf Courses currently being managed by FLC BISCOM include: FLC Golf Club Ha Long, FLC Golf Links Sam Son, FLC Golf Links Quy Nhon, FLC Golf Links Quang Binh.. In the future, FLC Biscom will put into operation 2 golf courses include FLC Quang Binh Golf Links (with chains of 10 golf courses) and FLC Golf Links Do Son.

In addition to operating golf courses, each year FLC Biscom has been hosting and organizing numerous professional, semi-professional and non-professional championship across the country with many resounding tournaments among Vietnamese community which include FLC Vietnam Masters 2017, FLC Golf Championship, Faros Golf Tournament, FLC Ladies Cup 2018…

FLC Golf Academy

With our passion and experiences, FLC Biscom want to enlarge Vietnam golf community, our FLC Golf Academy was built thoroughly, and collaborating with international companies and experts in golf with years of experience. The FLC Golf Academy has an important role in training and coaching golfers from all ages. FLC Biscom especially care about nurturing our junior golfers for the future of Vietnamese golf and reaching the international level.

FLC Yacht Club

FLC Yacht Club’s mission is to bring freedom, relaxation, and meaningful moments with family and friends to our customers on a yacht in which every service was tailored to your needs. FLC Albatross – a handcrafted excellence from luxury yachts manufacturer Galeon.

You can be sipping on a glass of cocktail or champaign while contemplating the wonders of Ha Long Bay to the fullest. Yacht charter wouldn’t be completed without underwater activities like fishing or something more adventurous like scuba diving. At the end of the day, your family or group can enjoy the horizon on the deck at sea, surround the BBQ party on deck, unwind and share stories of your adventures.

Proud to be managing and operating the most luxurious private yacht service in Vietnam, FLC Biscom believes that we do not only provide classy services but also unforgettable experiences for our customers. With FLC Yacht Club, we created a closed chain of luxurious services including: Resort – Golf Courses – Yacht Club, provide our customers with the most luxurious and unique experience at Ha Long Bay – one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world.